Short Course Preparation Meet - Genesis Aquatics Centre

It’s Brisbane relay time again! This is a super fun day of only relay racing and the perfect opportunity for us as a swim club to build some team spirit!

We will be competing against all the big swimming clubs in Brisbane as this meet forms part of the Premiership Competition. The point we score as a club at this meet contributes to our overall points at the end of the season clubs get divided into different divisions based on their final point tally.

In the past years Southern Cross Catholic College has provided us with bus so all the kids can travel to and from the meet as a team. After the meet we have in the past stopped at the McDonalds on our way back so that the kids can grab some lunch! I will be confirming these details closer to the time.

All relay teams will be selected by Jayden and myself and we will also take care of entering the teams. All we need from you is to let us know if your child is available to race on Sunday the 7th of November.

As a swimming club we are allowed to enter up to 3 team in each age category. So don’t be shy, you don’t need to be our fastest swimmer in order to be part of the relays. If you are a COMPETITIVE REGISTERED SWIMMER (unfortunately this meet is not open to swimmers with a recreational membership) please reply to this email if you would like to race.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Closing date for nominations: 19 October 2021

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