2023 Brisbane Sprint Championships

scsc brisbane sprint championships map

2023 Brisbane sprint championships

Please find below the link to Brisbane Sprint Championships.  You will find everything you need to know on this page.
1.  Online Program
2. Self Marshaling list
3.  Timeline
4.  Spectator tickets.  Please don’t forget to buy your tickets prior to the event.
I will hang the SCSC flag in the area above the technical officials. If you can grab a seat in that area that would be great. See photo below
It is going to be a big two days of racing, which is why I only need you at the pool one and a half hours before your first race.  Please come and find me in the coaches section for warm up instructions.
We will not have an official photographer at this meet for the senior session.  Please feel free to snap some photos on your smartphone and send them through to me.

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