Swimming for Adults: The Benefits of Adult Squad Classes

Swimming for Adults: The Benefits of Adult Squad Classes

Squad swimming for adults is one of the more popular sports in Australia. When you are fortunate enough to have a good quality local swim club near you, it is likely that the club offers adult squad swimming.

If you are thinking about taking swimming up as a hobby, you are probably wondering what adult squad swimming is all about and how you can get involved.

Adult Squad Swimming in Australia

Swimming for adults mainly take two forms. You can choose to swim just for fun or you can become a member of an adult squad team.

To be a member of a squad, you often have to have more skills compared to other adults who swim for fun or basic fitness. If you want to join a squad, it is a good idea to have swimming lessons.

On most occasions, you can’t just join a squad as squads often enter competitions. To go to competitions, your level of swimming has to be of a certain standard. First of all, you have to get your technique right. Secondly, you may have to swim at a certain pace.

A great way of getting involved with squad swimming is going for an assessment at your local swim club. If you have got what it takes, you could possibly join the adult swim squad at the club.

Do I Need to Train?

Yes, you do have to train more when you are a member of an adult swim squad.

The amount you train varies a bit from club to club. But, in general, it would be fair to say that most squad swimmers train for about 8 – 10 sessions per week.

If you can fit that in with your other commitments, squad swimming for adults may just be for you.

You also need to make sure that you can handle competition commitments. Remember that being a member of a squad means that everyone has to pull together.

When going to a competition, your local adult squad is probably likely to have to muster a certain number of members. Maybe you need to have 10 people in your squad that are ready to swim when required.

If you can do that, squad swimming is for you.

What are we really talking about here? Read between the lines and you will realise we are talking about commitment.

To be an active participant in a squad, you have to display both commitment and willingness.

What Are the Benefits of Squad Swimming?

One of the main benefits is that you become a better swimmer.

Together with your squad, you will keep on working on your technique. More than likely, you will be able to try different swimming styles as well.

If you think that you have come as far as you can with the breaststroke, you can try other styles of swimming including the crawl and the butterfly.

A coach normally assesses you and decides what stroke is right for you. After that, you have to practise and practise again.

Practising is a good rule of thumb in all sports. You need to have commitment to practising. That means spending many hours working on both your technique and fitness level.

Does it involve other disciplines than swimming? It could do. You may have to spend time working out in the gym to increase your strength and aerobic capacity. There is more to swimming than meets the eye.

Does Squad Swimming Make Me Fitter?

Yes, it does make you fitter when you commit to it. If you are currently swimming two or three times per week, you need to spend more time in the pool when you are a squad member.

Training sessions last longer and are more frequent. Don’t for one moment think that you can just do your 1000 metres and then get out of the pool.

A committed squad swimmer will spend many hours per week in the pool working on both technique and fitness.

One of the benefits you get from squad swimming is a better fitness level.

That does not mean you should think of your adult squad as your weight loss group. Swimming in a squad is about so much more than keeping fit and healthy. Improving as a swimmer and competing are both important parts.

Why Is Adult Squad Swimming Popular in Australia?

There are many reasons for that.

Swimming is a very popular sport in Australia. It is thought that more people in Australia belong to swim clubs than anywhere else in the world.

This is a big amateur sport in Australia. As it has grown in popularity, an increasing number of people want to take part.

Swimming is an excellent way of getting fit and staying fit. As it does not put too much strain on your joints, along with walking, it is one of the sports you can do for the rest of your active life.

Excellent access is another reason adult squad swimming is popular in Australia. Almost all Australian swim clubs offer squad swimming at different levels. Can you join competitions? You most certainly can. That is the entire idea of squad swimming.

It is not only adult that squad swim. Check out your local swim club. You will probably find that it offers squad swimming for children, teens and other groups as well.

You also get a chance to extend your social life. Many squad swimmers end up swimming together for a long time. You may even find yourself swimming with the same group of people in your 70’s.

In Conclusion

All you have to do when you want to find out more about adult squad swimming is to contact your local swim club.

Perhaps you are already a member. If so, just ask around and find out more.

Just remember that you have to have commitment. When you think you are going to struggle to fit in swimming in your work-life balance, squad swimming is not for you. Remember that you are going to have to practise for at least 8 – 10 sessions per week.

Squad swimming is enjoyable and fun. Get involved when you want to get more out of swimming.

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