Vice President

Supports the President in the below responsibilities


     ✓  Be well informed of all club activities

     ✓  Be aware of the future directions and plans of club members

     ✓  Have a good working knowledge of the Club Constitution, club rules and the duties of all office 

   holders and sub-committees

     ✓  Manage committee and/or executive meetings

     ✓  Represent the club at local, regional, state* and National* levels (*if appropriate)

     ✓  Be the supportive leader for all club members

     ✓  Act as a facilitator for club activities

     ✓  Ensure that planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the club members and in-line with the Constitution

     ✓  To present the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting


President Qualities

The President is the principal leader and has overall responsibility for the club’s administration. The President controls the discussions that take place during management committee meetings. To do this, they should give direction without being dictatorial or biased.

An effective president is:

     ✓  unbiased and impartial on all issues

     ✓  well informed about the purpose of the meetings and items to be covered

     ✓  a good listener who will be able to summarise the main points of discussion

     ✓  able to avoid repetition, arguments, interruptions and deviation from the matter under discussion

     ✓  well versed in the rules or procedures for the particular type of meeting being held and allow for 

   relevant debate.

     ✓  able to delegate

To be an effective President, always remember to be fair and decisive and to exercise good management practices.  These skills come with practice and regular self-appraisal.  The President should be able to:  Listen to the members; Lead without controlling; Involve club members in decisions that affect them; Stimulate balanced discussion; Time meetings to finish on time; Encourage focused discussion and keep meetings on track; Negotiate successfully between members