✓  Calling meetings of the Association, including preparing notices of a meeting and of the business to be conducted at the meeting in consultation with the President of the Association

     ✓  Keeping Minutes of each meeting

       Documents club activities

     ✓  Provides secretarial support to club committee

       Ensures Office Fair Trading paperwork completed and submitted

     ✓  Ensures appropriate record management

     ✓  Manages club information/club contacts in Swim Central Administration

     ✓  Authorise financial transactions

     ✓  Facilitates general meetings, special general meetings and the Annual General Meeting

     ✓  Organising, ordering and keeping stock of all items in club shop

     ✓  Getting quotes where necessary for any new items/uniforms that are agreed upon

     ✓  Oversees organisation of annual Presentation Night, Club breakfasts & functions including Xmas Party and Club Champs.